Dance Classes

Dance and Teacher Refresher Classes

ClassSuitable for
Advanced - Technique
(Mervyn Short / Christine Freeman)
Experienced dancers looking to maintain and/or achieve a high level of accomplishment in Scottish Country Dance. Dancers should be able to perform all steps and formations to a high standard of accuracy, and have good phrasing, use of hands and covering. They are expected to sustain this level of dancing throughout the entire period of the class.
(Nicole Trewavas)
Newer and less experienced dancers who would wish to attend a class that provides the opportunity to improve their technique, skills and knowledge while broadening their repertoire of formations.
Advanced - High Energy
(Jamie Berg)
Energetic and youthful dancers in particular. This class builds on the verve and excitement of the Spring Fling movement in Europe. Dancers should be able to perform all steps and most formations to a reasonable standard of accuracy, and have good phrasing and use of hands, and can sustain dancing with high energy throughout the class.
(Gail Schofield)
Competent dancers who would like to enjoy new and interesting dances in a social setting.
Advanced - Low impact
(Mervyn Short / Christine Freeman)
Experienced dancers who may previously have attended a high impact class, but would now enjoy a class that is less physically demanding.
Unit 5 Examination
(Debbie Roxburgh)
Candidates who have registered for Unit 5 of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate.
Please note that, in addition to registering for Summer School, a Unit 5 registration form and fee should be sent to NZ Branch as explained on the NZ Branch website.
Please refer any questions to the NZ Branch Education Coordinator, Lee Miller.
Teachers' Refresher
(Mervyn / Christine / Jamie)
Teachers (including non-certificated club teachers) who would like to enhance their own teaching capabilities. A series of three classes taught by our international Summer School tutors who will offer teaching insights based on their own experience.


It is important to emphasise that the three Advanced classes should not be viewed as a hierarchy. Each offers a different dancing experience with a common theme of extending the skills of all participants.


While a class for Junior JAMs (Junior Associate member of the NZ Branch of the RSCDS) is not currently programmed, should there be sufficient demand, a Junior JAM class will be organised. Please contact the School organiser if there are Junior JAM members (or dancers up to age 13) who would be interested in registering for a class. It is anticipated that Senior JAMs would enrol in the Advanced – High Energy class.

Please take care to select a class which matches your expectations and level of experience and we recommend that you take a look at the Guidelines. If in doubt, speak to your local teacher or contact the School organiser. It is hoped to place dancers in the class of their choice, but the organisers reserve the right to make the final allocation of classes either prior to or during the school, as the dancer is likely to benefit more in the alternate class”.

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