Online Registration

Online Registration

Please note that the online registration form will not fully display on the screen that you are using. Please use a device with screen width greater than 650px if you wish to proceed with online registration.
Please ensure that you have all the information that you require before commencing online registration. You will not be able to save a partially completed registration form and continue at a later time.
Confirmation by email
You will receive an automated response to your registration request, followed by a confirmation email when the information has been processed.A successful submission of a registration request will always be followed by an immediate automated response. If you do not receive it, or encounter any other technical problem, please contact Andrew Patterson.
In order to secure your registration following the automated response, the payment due should be sent as explained here.
Unit 5 candidates are reminded that the Summer School registration fee does not cover the examination fee which should be sent direct to NZ Branch.
Personal Details
I prefer to correspond by EmailPost
Name for name badge
Dietary needs
Any other conditions of which the organiser should be aware
RSCDS membership number
Names of people you would like your room to be near
Juniors (up to and including age 20)
If under 18, name and contact of accompanying adult:
Contact (mobile)
Emergency Contact
Morning classes
Please select your class, giving honest regard to your abilities.
Attending morning classes NoYes
1st choice
2nd choice
Club teacher's name
Club teacher's phone
Number of NZ summer schools previously attended
Afternoon classes
Attending Teachers' Refresher class NoYes
Attending Music class NoYes
Musicians class
Musicians will gain most benefit from the course if they can already play at least some tunes at dance speed.
Primary instrument played AccordionFiddleKeyboardPercussionWindOther
To help us arrange a suitable format for the class, please indicate the option which most closely matches your experience in playing Scottish country dance music. None, but I am a competent musicianI have played for social dancesI have played for classes
Number of RSCDS musicians' courses attended previously.
Can you read music competently? NoYes
If an accordionist or pianist, are you familiar with chord symbols? NoYes
Are you a Scottish country dancer? NoYes

Please note that we are currently unable to offer single room accommodation to new registants.

Registration fees ($) Resident
Single room
Adult Not available 1575 900
Adult non-dancer Not available 1100
These are the reduced fees which include the Lottery Board funding.
They only apply to the first few registrations!
Not available 600 200
Adult RSCDS members -100
Optional lunches x 6 for commuters 100
The early bird registration period is now over.
Registrations from 1st October are subject to an additional fee of $50.
Total fee payable
Please enter any comments/requests

Please accept my registration for Summer School 2019 in Cambridge.

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